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I now live so close to Islington Green, thanks to you. Many thanks for being on time and doing a great moving job. This move was the least stressful one I've had so far.

Commented by Joanna M. 21/05/15

The movers you sent me were quite the friendly lads. They worked very hard on loading all my boxes in the van and didn't even stop for lunch. I gave them a nice tip because they deserved it. Next time I'm moving in the N1 I'm calling you again!

Commented by Clark B. 14/10/14

Thank you very much for helping me move out of Holloway. The last time I moved house on my own it was a nightmare, but this time it was quite the opposite. If I’d known professional moving companies save this much stress I’d have started hiring movers years ago.

Commented by Jenny 27/09/14

Normally I don't write reviews, but this time I was really satisfied so here you go. The Islington movers who cam to my address did a really great job. The were friendly and very careful when loading my boxes in their van. They managed to do the moving job in just two hours. Definitely calling you again.

Commented by Stokes Hubbard 04/05/14

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